Social Media Videos

Join Kevin Garduno as he takes you on an epic tour of the Rocklin based offices of Realty One Group!

Join Susan as she showcases the exciting new "Expand My Brand" series that teaches businesses owners how to market and brand themselves. Breaking Phoenix is a professional audio visual company that specializes in creating high quality video content at an affordable price.

Are you looking for BRIGHT IDEAS to Expand YOUR Brand? Please visit our website:!event-list. We are a band of businesses that not only have great ideas but cost-effective solutions to suit your marketing goals. We have experts in: Digital Branding Visual Marketing Direct Marketing Marketing Engagement and more...

This video was already taken by the client. I went through and added color correction, transitions, intro, altro, audio cleanup of background noise, and a customized song.

Join Michelle as she shares with you some tips and tricks to spicing up your dinner night.
Join Bill and Marlena Wheelock as they discuss "Your Future Legacy" and get prepared financially.


Cinematic Videos

I wanted to create a video that had dynamic movement in it and incorporated aerial shots and close ups. I used a lot of lighting and color correction to evoke certain emotions. I also retimed it so that the footage flows with the music.
Take a look at the new Apple Store in Reno. It features the new store design. This was shot using my Osmo Mobile.

Commercial shot for Car Metric auto dealership in Auburn, CA off of Grass Valley Highway. 

Live Videos

Welcome to Breaking Phoenix Live! A show dedicated to showcasing technology, tips on how to use it, and insight in market trends in the tech world. This episode introduces you to the reasons why you should involved with social media and how it will help your business.
Join me as we take a closer look at some of the gear you could be using to create high quality video on a simple budget.

Drone Videos

Wedding Videos

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Customized Videos

Elisa Pocan is the owner of Evergreen Salon & Spa. Evergreen Salon & Spa is located in Sacramento California and is partnered with Green Circle Salons to reduce their footprint on the planet. Evergreen strives to use and sell only natural, organic based products where animals are not used or killed.

Join River as she discusses the ins and outs of procrastination and what you can do to be the most efficient person you can be!